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Herbal Gel


4 oz  |  Herbal Gel penetrates to feed the skin and is a toner and conditioner for all types of skin-normal, dry, oily and also sensitive skin. It is perfume and color free. Use for cuts, burns, sunburn, rashes and chapped skin. Also use for relief of insect bites, poison ivy, and poison oak-for quick relief of itching. Use Herbal Gel to sooth psoriasis and eczema. People tell me it has a positive effect on acne. It’s baby sensitive so use it for diaper rash and cradle cap. Excellent for face, hands and body. Use under makeup. Contains no butters or oils so is not greasy.


Product Description

Ingredients include arnica for severe dry skin, aloe vera for burns or sunburn, chamomile for cuts and rashes. Also contains rosemary leaves, known for promotion of wound healing, comfrey leaves for their healing properties, abjJorandi leaves, watercress, saponins, water, allantoin, P.C.A. D-4, and panthenol.


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