An Earth Friendly Company


aboutusLittle Blue River? Sounds as if it could be a band doesn’t it? Well if we were a band we’d play live and we’d make a mistake now and then but we’d go right on playing. Or maybe we’d stop and start all over again and then do it right. We wouldn’t play just the old tunes that we knew so well we’d try out some new arrangements once in a while. We’d add some things and then we’d take some things out of our concerts. And we’d always be thankful when you came to see us perform. And if you bought something with our name on it we’d be so tickled we’d start practicing on something new. Yes we would!

Well the truth of the matter is, Little Blue River is a personal care company. We love what we do and people love what we do so that works out well. We’ve been doing what we love for a bit over ten years now. We use the very best oils and butters we can find and we are always looking. We make our soaps and lotions in small batches and every batch is made with a generous amount of love stirred into the kettle. And we are so tickled when you use our products we get busy making something new. Yes we do!

The Story of Little Blue River Soap Company

elaineWhen families first came to the plains to carve out a new life on the prairie they brought everything they needed for physical survival and just as importantly the memories and bits of culture that connected them to their lives on the other side of the Atlantic. In the limited space of their 4 x 10 foot prairie schooners-tucked in with the tools and traditions-were a few recipes handed down through generations. One of these recipes would certainly have been the means of turning the simple ashes from the cook stove and the rendered fat of their livestock into the soap for washing everything from the laundry to the faces of their children.

Little Blue River Soap Company has rescued this traditional formula found in the papers of my mother-passed from my grandmother to her-and uses the ancient process (said to have been discovered by the Greeks when fat from their offerings mixed with the ashes of their alter fires) to create soaps of smooth texture and mellowness.

Some of our soaps rely on the classic combination of base reaction with rendered pure lard but many rely on a variety of exotic oils and are laced with the finest of essential oils and fragrances  to produce soothing, non-detergent soaps that will keep your skin soft and supple. We constantly experiment with new scents we come across and because our soaps are all handmade in small quality controlled batches, we can create private label soaps for you. So please take a moment and experience the gentle natural creaminess of our soaps and lotions. You will find the fragrances refreshing and soothing. And the pleasure will remind you of a way of life that was simple, handcrafted and that evolved from the needs and resources of a time when we all moved a bit slower.